DuplicateSearcher is free to try! Download now and see if it helps free space and organize your computer.

Why would you use DuplicateSearcher?

  • Best application available for finding duplicate files on your computer!
  • Free space on your computer
  • Help you organize your music, videos, and any other files
  • Become more aware of how you’ve been saving files on your system
  • Find other locations of files you might want

The main features include:

  • Both a very simple interface and an advanced interface for users who want to have more control over their searches
  • Extremely fast searching that employs the latest technologies for finding duplicate files
  • Multiple comparison modes – allows for searching by file name and/or file contents
  • Search any location accessible by your computer or server: any storage device, or specific path
  • Detailed visualization of duplicates
  • Search for duplicates by type: music, images, video, etc
  • Search by file headers and/or footers
  • Move, recycle, or delete duplicate files
  • All search criteria can be saved for future searches, or searches on other computers
  • Save search results to a text file
  • Search can be paused or stopped at any time
  • Both console and GUI
  • Search multiple locations at the same time
  • Support for advanced search criteria
  • Support for file and directory include and exclude filters
  • Preview of various file types is supported
To download DuplicateSearcher, you can go to the Download page.